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Anna Jelonek Socha

The central idea underlying Beata Bajno's work is a philosophy of relationships,
according to which she exposes the emotional tension between the people-actors
(animated photographs) and the space and viewers surrounding them.
This concept allows us to not only look at the work, but to experience it and actively participate in it.

Beata's poetic etudes show man as the subject of inner tension and drama;
they focus on what happens between the participants of the event.
The latest multimedia technologies are used for this purpose.

In her projects, she introduces the viewer in an interesting way to a game in which,
as Beata says, they become "a participant of the event and the perpetrator of further transformations". By creating a theatre of photography, she "activates the viewer".
The juxtaposition of real and unreal situations, showing them in a very attractive, innovative form, is truly original.

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2nd Kulisiewicz International Graphic Arts Triennial  in Warsaw IMPRINT’2011

The vision of arranged forms and structures put in motion by invisible force, which build the city desert, is to be found in the works of Beata Bajno, Michał Michno and Katarzyna Kalczyńska. The composition Between II by the first author shows the ethereal sea of structures following upwards. Despite the static image, one can feel endless dynamics of change. 

Dr Sebastian Dudzik

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Włodzimierz Karczmarzyk

excerpt from a review


"[...] Beata accomplishes extraction of the mysterious subject matter from the depths of the phenomenon of the world around us, through a truly prestidigitatorial ceremony of dosing of light.
Not in fashionable proportions of rampant Impressionistic rays, but with care
for eliciting the fantastic relationships of the most subtle drawings. Interwoven points, pulsating lines or a palette of dancing patches that encapsulate the desired form. Favourite dark backgrounds, like curtains to the mystery  of the adjacent surroundings, elevate the contrasting positioning of the clear meaning of the foreground, achieving, in the displayed pictures, virtually acoustic effects of diffused silence".

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Franciszek Maśluszczak

Beata Bajno captures the complexity of the world in her photographs - the continuance and transience of life in a multitude of shapes, light, brightness, darkness and memories.

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